Drywall and Painting and Carpet, OH MY!

For those of you who religiously follow our social media outlets you’ll know that Copperworks HQ has been undergoing a fair amount of renovations these last couple of months.  We knocked a whole in our kitchen wall and took over some space next door, adding about 700 square feet to our humble kingdom.  You might also know that Copperworker Mike is quite handy and tends to handle most of our internal renos that don’t involve detailed electrical work etc (that’s right ladies, he’s tall AND handy around the house).  As a result of Mike’s handyman abilities and the fact that the holidays tend to be a quieter time around here, we decided “Hey let’s totally tackle the renos ourselves cuz it’ll be fun and easy and we have SPARE TIME!”


Fast forward to a good couple of months later and we were about ready to kill ourselves.  Imagine the all the contents of a TV series moving into your storage space.  Think  all the wardrobe, all the props, big set pieces, grip/electric gear, the locations gear – all of it.  It’s likely more than you think it is.  Then imagine moving all of that out and into your boardroom “temporarily” while you work on renovating the storage space (think demo, think full paint job, think new flooring, think wall construction, think new doors, think supply delays, think injuries).  Then moving all that BACK into the storage space.  Also imagine trying to, you know, run a business amongst all of that.

This is how a lot of the conversations have gone these last few weeks:

“Hey, does anyone remember the last time we could even WALK INTO the boardroom?”

“Hey, remember when we could make a sandwich in our kitchen without having to first move paint cans and brushes out of the way?”

“Hey remember when we could get to our microwave without having to squeeze into a tiny space between a pile of drywall and doors to do so?”

“Hey when was the last time everything in the office wasn’t covered in drywall dust?”

“Hey remember when we could get to the photocopier without tripping over 100 boxes of random stuff?”

“Hey remember when we didn’t have to apologize to people for the state of our office?”

“Hey who sat in paint and then sat in our chair?”

Well yesterday all that changed my friends!!!!!

As of yesterday afternoon we now have full and glorious access to our beautiful boardroom and it’s lovely giant bank of sun-filled windows.  We could do cartwheels in there if we so desired.  We can actually HAVE MEETINGS you guys! And best of all, we can finally get to our TV again.

We’ve still got loads to do but for some reason the liberation of the boardroom seems like we just reached the summit of Everest.  The satisfaction was palpable.  Like a glass of whiskey after a day in the snow.

We still can’t really get to our microwave but who really cares?  That science oven kills all the vitamins in our food anyway.