Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

Just When I Think I’m Done with Music…

…it pulls me back in. Most of my frustration with music is a product of my age. I understand the changes and stay current but so much of the new industry still bugs me. And then a song, a band, a performance or a business move will happen to make me sit straight up in my seat and breathe life back into my outlook on music. This past weekend was one of those eye openers. The Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards (NOMFA) is an absolutely vital cog in the wheel of the local music scene. After a brief hiatus it came back this past weekend and it was glorious. A perfect mesh of both artists and industry that creates so many opportunities for those who take part. One artist in particular has totally grabbed hold of the opportunities available through NOMFA and put them to good use.

His name? Kalle Mattson. What should you do? Look him up online. Listen to his music. Buy his music so that he can keep creating. He will be recognized as a music superstar someday and most of the world won’t care that he’s from Sault Ste. Marie but we will. He was introduced to the NOMFA’s in 2009 and he impressed many of the industry folks who were brought up to the event to share their knowledge with our budding stars. He networked with them and impressed them beyond his performance. Not only was he talented he was smart. He impressed people with his vision of who he wanted to be as an artist and his drive to succeed. Where are those industry folks today? Some of them are working with him! They are part of his team and together they are making headway in the Canadian music landscape. His performance at the Awards was that one performance that woke me from my slumber and I thank him for that.

And beyond giving me a good slap upside the head Kalle is a perfect case study of how NOMFA works. A perfect case study for all musicians and bands. The Awards Conference brings the industry to our artists and gives them the opportunity to impress. Making it in music goes beyond the creative. You have to work the product. Your entire career, but especially so early in your career, you are a salesman. You need to sell your product (you) in order to create believers (them). Without believers it’s a long road to hoe. Without selling yourself the proverbial road in question will be short.

I honestly think that it’s a musicians market right now and the world is their oyster so long as they work it on all levels. Kalle Matteson is doing just that. If he keeps his direction true there will be no stopping the number of believers he creates.