It’s Melting!

The weather this week has been awesome and although I know Old Man Winter has yet to pull all of his rabbits out of his hat it has been a nice change. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed though. The last month has been ferociously cold to the point of nearly crippling the city. I mean it’s one thing for me and my wife to brave the cold but the little one? Heck, I can count the number of outdoor recesses she had at school in February on two hands because their cut off point for outdoor fun is -26 C. We are winter lovers. We normally get outside during the beautiful white months to take full advantage of what this season has to offer but since the end of Christmas break our outdoor fun has been limited.

So with that said, even for this winter lover, I say let’s shut this winter down and bring on the transition to Spring! Bring on the dirty melting snowbanks exposing their hidden treasures of garbage and trash. Bring on the stink and the smell of spring thaw, soakers and sand covered doorways. Bring on high risk sidewalk walking dodging tidal waves of water displaced by salt covered cars, trucks and busses. Bring on the morning coat debate that inevitably ends with you being too warm or too cold. Bring on the overnight incessant sounds of backup alarm beeping from city trucks removing overburdened snow banks in residential areas because really, who needs sleep when the sun feels this damn good.

I think it’s safe to say that we are all on the better part of done with winter this year. This seasonal transition to warmer temperatures isn’t pretty but we’ll take it.