Project Impact Results

We just wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate all the successful applicants to this year's Project Impact initiative!

You may remember us talking about this a couple of weeks back, but we were honoured to take part in this year's initiative and donated some of our time and resources to help get the word out for the 2016 edition!  Here are some pics from the Celebration Launch Event if you're interested.  

Of all the great projects submitted, the final list of projects being supported are:

Sudbury Cycles Kids Bike Exchange

Flour Mill Community Farm Orchard

Laurentian University School of the Environment Living Wall

Chargers Growth and Re-greening Program

Safe Walking Routes for Community Members

Our Children Our Future Gardens-Minnow Lake Place

Junction Creek Butternut Grove

Operation Fruit Snacks


NORCAT Community Garden Space

Coniston Community Gardens

Young Naturalist Challenge Display for the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

We can't wait to see the results of these projects later on this summer!  This is such a great community initiative and we hope it continues on in the years to come!  If this keeps up, Sudbury will be positively bursting with community gardens!  Not to mention the heaps of other great initiatives underway now.

For more information on each of these projects and to maybe offer your help check out the Project Impact website.  I'm sure some of these groups would love the extra hands!