You might remember us chatting about this a bit last year (maybe because I was one of the lucky project recipients -- ahem, ahem) but this year we've stepped up our game and are helping out a bit more with the planning stages as a way of giving back a bit. 

In case you're not familiar with Project Impact, it's an initiative that puts the emphasis on the community as a whole to pitch ideas to make this city better and then to put their votes behind the projects they support and want to see proceed.  It's truly a representation of what we as citizens think is important and what would help make Sudbury that much more attractive to us all.

Projects are pitched, voted on and then the projects with the most votes are funded and we get to see them come to fruition.  These projects cover everything from shared community gardens, environmental initiatives, wildlife habitat rehab, public murals etc.  Some projects need a few hundred dollars and some only ask for $50 or $75 -- no project is too small!  The emphasis here is what would make the biggest impact for the neighbourhood or community.  Not what costs the most.  

Copperworks is thrilled to be helping out with Project Impact in a more substantial way this year and we really encourage everyone to check out the projects up for funding this year.  You can see the full list of projects here.  

Here's a few of my personal favourite project pitches this year:

  • The Junction Creek Butternut Grove --  we would like to create a Butternut Tree Grove adjacent to Junction Creek in Garson. Our intent is to create a unique arboretum within our neighborhood to be enjoyed by the community and as celebration of our communities concern for the environment and bio-diversity.
  • Operation Fruit Snacks -- We are Fruit for All and we want to turn surplus residential fruit into dried fruit snacks for school breakfast programs. The aim of this pilot project is to produce 1,000 bags of dehydrated rhubarb snacks and/or apple chips, providing local, nutritious snacks to 1,000 school children in Sudbury.
  • Sudbury Cycles Bike Exchange -- We are Sudbury Cycles and we want support for year 5 of our bike exchange where kids can trade in the bike they’ve outgrown for a rehabilitated bike of the right size (or pick up their first bike in exchange for a donation).  We also hope to hold a bike give away for kids in need, as we did last year.
  • Fish Mircohatchery -- We are Algonquin Road Public School and we would like support for our School-Based, Self-Contained, Micro-Hatchery.  The Micro-Hatchery involves students from Kindergarten through to Grade 8 who care for and study Walleye and Brook Trout eggs and fry, which, when grown, stock two local lakes.

Be sure and come out for the big launch event on Saturday March 5th at St.Andrews Place (111 Larch St) from 1pm-3pm and see all the pitches in person, enjoy some refreshments and vote for your favourite projects.  

Small projects -- BIG IMPACTS!