Puppy Sitting and Other Stories

I love dogs. I have a dog, Murray, and he’s been with me for 11years now. Can’t imagine life without him in it, he’s a little guy but a big presence. When my sister and my brother, who both live in Ottawa, asked if I’d consider dog sitting while they respectively travelled south for a winter vacation, I pretty much said yes without hesitation.

So here I sit, just arrived in Ottawa, surrounded by puppies! Murray is here with me, as are Ella and Fitz. Libby will join the pack on Friday evening. I couldn’t be happier.

While I’m not down south myself, as much as I’d love that right now, I am happy to be in Ottawa for an extended visit. When we started Copperworks I envisioned spending much more time here but it hasn’t quite materialized. Perhaps this will be a good trial run!

Right now it’s -19, feels like -28. So we’re going to stay in and cozy until it warms up a bit and then we are going to go for a nice walk! It’s sunny out so we have to take advantage of that. After lunch, I think I’ll wander down to the local Bridgehead and work there for a while and pick up a few supplies on the way back home. It’s still weird to me to see what has blossomed here in Hintonburg! I grew up in this part of Ottawa, and it was a much, much different place 25 plus years ago.

I won’t complain about it though, I’ll take full advantage of it while I’m here. I’m looking forward to walking as much as possible, so I’ll apologize in advance if I seem reluctant to leave this part of town for a visit!

So if you’re in Ottawa and you’d like to visit, you’ll know where to find, and I’m pretty sure you know how!


PS. Nerd related side note, I pretty much wasted my first day in Ottawa triaging a problem with my iPhone. Not exaggerating, literally wasted the whole day. Onwards and upwards!

PPS. I feel like a native of Hintonburg, I made a trip to the Giant Tiger Express to get a few supplies on my first day in Ottawa. So I guess it wasn’t all bad. The sun was out in full force yesterday, and it was nice to get out for a walk!