My Seasonal Rankings

Summer is winding down and I am one of the few Sudburians who is actually excited about that. I enjoy the changing of the seasons. By far summer is my favourite but winter is definitely a close second. So close in fact that there are times during the winter that I flip flop my choices and winter is the king season for me.

Fall is pretty amazing here in Northern Ontario as well. The changing colour of the leaves, the sudden surprising warm days that just make you fall in love with the outdoors all over again are something to behold in our neck of the woods. Probably the only reason fall ranks third in my seasonal list is that odd space of time in November leaning into the beginning of winter where the weather gets bitter cold as our bodies try to adjust and yet there is no snow on the ground to be able to enjoy it. It’s a season in limbo…so is spring.

Spring is an awakening experience as well but it falls into fourth place for me and it’s also a season that is partly wedged in limbo. The melting of snow is exciting and the sense of rejuvenation is inspiring but the nasty mess and garbage it leaves behind, not to mention the smell of…well…spring can be a headache. It’s also the time of year when I look back at the past winter and get mad at myself for not enjoying the snowy climes enough.

Either way, I’m going to make the most of September and the beauty weather we are experiencing at the moment but I am already digging out skates, tubes and toboggans with wide eyed enthusiasm. The thought of hanging outside on a snowy hill or outdoor rink with my wife and daughter, laughing and experiencing all that the cold months have to offer have me pretty charged up.