Time Trials...and Tribulations

When I was a kid summers used to last forever. Or so they seemed. I mean, we can all agree that aging has no power over the passage of time. Just because our bodies and sometimes our minds show the passage of time it’s certainly not because they are working to hold time at bay. Whether we are 5 or 55 time passes at the same pace for everyone and yet water cooler talk amongst us oldsters is often about the passage of time. “Where has the summer gone?”, “Halloween is just around the corner but it feels like we just started summer?”

Never once do I remember as a child complaining about time passing by too quickly. Some studies have said that’s because children gauge the passage of time between special events or special days and we as adults gauge it via every single to-do item and meeting we have on our minute by minute lists. That makes sense to me.

To be honest, most days I’m quite happy they pass by as quick as they do. We spend most of our time working and doing menial tasks. Why on earth would we want to stretch that out? We’ve all had work days that have lasted forever. Would you want that every day? Could you imagine getting stuck in that endless conversation that you don’t want to be a part of in the slow-time world? No one out there ever makes requests like “hey give me some of that 24 hour flew but let’s make the day drag on forever.”

I complain about the quick passage of time but the more I think of it the more I have to say I am quite content with it. The only way I would want time to slow down is if I won the lottery and everyday were a vacation spent with my wife, daughter, family and friends. I love my job but I mean…I ain’t crazy.