2015, My Year of the Family

2015 has been an eventful year so far. There has been tragedy and joy. Laughter and tears. But one constant runs through all of it: family. Since the year began, it feels like I have had more opportunities to see family in 2015, and I feel very grateful for every second of time I’ve been able to spend with them.

This may not seem like a lot for some of you, but I live quite far away from my immediate family, in many years I’m lucky if I see everyone once or twice! Here is a quick run down of FamJam 2015!

Late December 2014:

  • 2nd Christmas visit with my dad, sister and brother in law
  • hristmas visit with my extended family on my mother’s side. Poignant as the last visit with my Aunt Theresa who passed in February of 2015, more on that later.
  • New Year’s Eve wedding in Oshawa with my extended family on my dad’s side.


  • 50th birthday celebration for my brother. The whole family came to Ottawa for bowling, it was amazing fun!


  • My mother’s sister Theresa passed away. A blow to our family, made somewhat less difficult by our family rallying together. We had a wonderful visit with our extended family.


  • My big sister came for an extended visit. We ate like fools and had a lot of laughs!


  • My father’s brother Lionel passed away. Another blow to the family, this time on my father’s side. Cousins and relations came from across the country to celebrate his life.
  • Ottawa bound to visit residences with my father, who ultimately moved back to the Ottawa area after almost three years in Deep River. I think we saw every retirement home in Gatineau! But another excuse to visit with my dad and my siblings.
Even puppy cousins like to get together!

Even puppy cousins like to get together!

May: No travel, but I did have two trips in April….


  • Oh this trip will never fade. A lovely weekend visit with my dad and my siblings in Ottawa AND dinner with my niece and nephew in Montreal before my brother, his girlfriend and I went to see Rush in concert! YEAH!


  • Half work/half play, but I made it to Montreal to see my sister and her family and to kickstart some work projects we’re developing with them. Was a really nice visit, and great to be in Montreal again!


  • VACATION! Spent with my oldest sister, her husband and their new pooch Libby! What a great week, wish the weather had been better. But we had so much fun they stayed an extra day!
  • Camp Day with my 2nd family, the Levesque’s! Might be cheating a bit by including this one, but it was such a lovely day spent in the water and eating and gabbing. Loved it!

  • 2nd trip to Montreal! This time for a family party for nephew and godson to celebrate his graduation, his apprenticeship and moving into his first apartment. It was loads of fun, and ended with a short overnight visit with my two other siblings back in Ottawa before the long trip back home.

So many memories. I honestly can’t remember a year since I moved back to Sudbury in 2001 that I got to spend so much time with my family. This summer has truly been a memorable one. I have managed to squeeze in great visits with all of my siblings, and see my extended family on both sides twice this year. As we head into the fall, another family assembles around the production we're working on, and of course this year's Folk Music Ontario conference and the family that surrounds that event. Many more memories to look forward to.