A Camp Regression

I'm not sure about you (well actually I DO feel pretty confident that most of you will feel the same way) but when I go to camp I resort to a primitive state.  With the exception of my smart phone (which I will admit is a pretty big exception to my whole analogy here), I'm basically a step above a cavewoman.

First of all, I'm never hungrier than when I'm at camp.  As a child, the joke was that I basically ate like a church mouse.  I basically didn't like anything and subisisted on the minimal amount of food necessary to survive.  Bring me to camp and I could out-eat some of my uncles.  As an adult, while the array of foods I eat is at an acceptable level, take me to camp and I still have to eat CONSTANTLY.  An hour after breakfast I'm making a sandwich.   Then eating a bowl of guacamole.  And another sandwich.  With sides of tomatoes and other assorted yummies.  I basically continue to snack all afternoon (while also drinking all the coffee and all the summer-y beverages) and then eat a full dinner of multiple Mom-made deliciousnesses, followed by dessert and always ALWAYS chips at night.  If I had to hunt and kill my own food, I could totally do it.  That's how hungry I get out there.

I rarely shower and rely instead on the lake to wash my of my forest grime.  I doubt cavepeople  frequented the sauna as much as I do but who knows?  I'm not up on my sauna history enough to be able to say with certainty what the ancient Scandanavians did with their time. My hair gets knotty and unkempt and is righted only by another lake dunking.

I poke at bugs and watch the comings and goings of the nearby animals with huge interest.  The waviness of the bay must be discussed every morning and revisited at multiple points throughout the day.  We draw in the sand with our fingers and on the rocks with ash-covered sticks.  Our children have fingernails full of dirt, sand in their hair, grubby bare feet and are often in various states of undress.  We make fires in the evening but in actuality, our bedtime comes shortly after the setting of the sun and we wake with its rise. 

I eat, I swim, I sleep, I explore then I eat some more.  Then I put this on repeat.