Unexpected Opportunities

Summer. It’s a good season. Not my favourite personally, but it’s up there and close to the top. Every summer I’m always a little surprised to see what a huge impact the seasong has on business and productivity. It’s really kind of amazing.

Our summer has gone from being packed to the gills to being pretty open. A TV project we were to work on got pushed back to 2016 leaving a hole in our schedule that would be hard to fill up given the timing of it. C’est la vie in production and these things can happen. It just begs the question: What now?

For us, it’s turning into a really interesting conundrum. There are a few options open to us in dealing with this unexpected open. We could kill ourselves to fill the gap or we can take this as a sign and a gift. We haven’t had a summer since we first launched Copperworks! A bit of a break will do us some good. We may even get to enjoy our summer.

So instead of trying to chase down every piece of work we can, we’ve targeted a few key gigs that will help to keep us afloat until our next TV project kicks in later in the summer. We’re going to focus in hard with some partners on project development work and have set a goal of developing and selling a show to a broadcaster by the end of fall, which our partners feel is totally doable.

We’ve actually been working on content for a couple of years now. Between our busy schedules it’s been challenging at times to be in sync with our partners and finding opportunities when we’re all available to devote time to moving things forward. We’re all on the same page now, and this unexpected window gives us the time we need to lock things down and push really hard to sell.

All of this adds up to a pretty sweet silver lining. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have been very happy had things not changed! But instead of moping around feeling sorry for ourselves we did what we always do, we rallied, and made a potential negative into a positive. Hopefully by this time next year, our partners and us, we’ll be delivering our first television series to a broadcaster! Either way, we’re going to enjoy our summer. Hope you do too.