The Switch

No I’m not talking about Bruce Jenner. I’m actually referring to switching cable providers. Why does switching from one cable provider to another feel like I’m making a deal with the devil. The same can be said about cell phone providers. Whenever the cable topic comes up Dennis tells me that he’s never been happier since he got rid of his cable. He now feasts on Netflix and AppleTV, watches what he wants, when he wants and loves it. My problem is I’m a sports junky. Getting rid of cable would be the death of me, or at the very least, make it nearly unbearable to live with me.

We’ve been contemplating moving from East Link to Bell Fibre. We have had nothing but great service from East Link and we don’t want to leave but at the moment the Bell Fibre price point is hard to beat…for year one that is then the price jumps dramatically. Why do they have to do this? Why discount the price so much in year one only to sky rocket the price in subsequent years?

You know there was a time when customer retention was attained by offering great product, exceptional customer service and staying ahead of the curve and going above and beyond to make your customers happy. Does Bell Fibre not trust their product or customer service? I get it, they don’t trust the customer. They believe that if a better price is offered by another company the customer will bolt but I beg to differ. Right now I’m going through this exact dilemma with East Link. If they had fibre in our area I wouldn’t be jumping ship no matter how much I would be saving going somewhere else. They’ve been awesome and I can honestly say, as a consumer, that I love dealing with them so much that I don’t want to leave. Maybe that’s old school thinking?

So why can’t Bell just offer that first year savings as their one and only ongoing price? Would that not get more customers to make the jump to Bell Fibre if they did? If they back up a great price point with awesome customer relations and staying ahead of the curve most customers wouldn’t leave.

To me the escalating price after year one says “we’re giving you a deal in the first year because we want your business and we’re going to show you how awesome we are. BUT then we’re going to start sucking in the second year so we need to empty your pockets quick before you catch on.” I realize we don’t have much to choose from in Sudbury when it comes to Fibre but I mean really? I don’t like change, and right now, even though we’ll save a lot in the first year at Bell Fibre, we are staying with East Link. It will all come out in the wash.