How to Avoid the Plague: AKA The Common Cold

First and foremost, I have not avoided the common cold. At least not this time. This winter, my partners were both quite sick, and both were down for the count for long stretches. I avoided EVERYTHING they threw at me. EVERYTHING! But now, halfway through April, I’ve finally fallen to a cold.

What aggravates me more than anything, other than generally feeling miserable, is being sick now! My inclination is not to bundle up and get cozy, as you might expect from someone suffering from a cold. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s been so nice out I want to wear less clothing, mostly ditching pants for shorts, and get out in the sun. But of course I’m not really fit for human contact. I’m wearing clothes that are comfortable but really don’t fit right, coughing like a pack-a-day smoker. It’s not pretty.

I’m also not great at not doing anything. I used to be. God, it was glorious. Now? I find it hard to just sit and rest. There’s always something that needs to be down around the house, the dog needs a walk, there’s a niggling work thing I feel up to getting done, etc. I won’t mention what I have bubbling on the stove. Even watching TV all day isn’t overly appealing, though I’ll probably break down and do that today. Yesterday I was able to avoid it.

So what’s a sick guy to do? Well, I’m going to enjoy my coffee, read a little and try to relax. I usually perk up mid-morning, and I’ll get a little bit of work done cause deadlines don’t know what a cold is. This afternoon, I’ll probably sack out on the couch and maybe watch a movie or binge watch something on Netflix, then do a little more work.

As for avoiding office sickness, here’s the secret. Do what we do and enforce a policy the keeps sick people out of the office. We did that hardcore this year and I think it really made an impact. At least for me. Mike and Tara both got sick lots, but at least we weren’t bouncing that around among the three of us.

What’s worse for productivity? One person missing a few days of work, or a sick person coming in, spreading their illness to a team, and then all of them ultimately calling in sick. We have some silly ideas about “modern” productivity that’s based on work policies first begun with the industrial revolution 300 or 400 hundred years ago. Might be time to rethink some of that!

For now though, I’m just going to sip some coffee, put my feet up and try not to feel miserable. Hope it works.

PS. If you have the cure for the common cold, let me know!

UPDATE! So it turns out that I don't have a cold at all, I have a sinus infection compounded by seasonal allergies. I had been having awful sinus headaches for a while but just chalked it up to that changing season and I probably should have gone to see the doctor ages ago. Oh well, now I'm on a weird nasal inhaler thingy. Hope it helps!