Having Faith

This time last year I planted flower bulbs in my yard. I got them on sale because they were hold overs from the summer before. There was still a light dusting of snow on the ground but of course it was not the right time to plant them. They didn’t sprout and I was super disappointed. Every time I voiced my disappointment that they didn’t sprout my lovely colleague Tara would just look at me and say “Don’t worry about it. This time next year after they experience the winter they will sprout. Trust me.” I didn’t believe her and tended to side with Dennis who would remark about my premature planting by uttering “You. Stupid. Dummy.”

It turns out that I should have had more faith in Tara…I know…shocker. The snow has melted away from my house and guess what’s there? Sprouts! Crocuses! Lifting up through the dirt. I am beyond excited! Don’t judge me. I am really beside myself in anticipation for the rest of the snow to melt so I can see what else is peeking through the dirt.

The interesting thing is, much like these bulbs I planted a year ago, some things we do here at Copperworks revolve around planting seeds and having faith. We work hard and much of the time that work is focused on brainstorming, workshopping ideas, planning and most of the time we don’t see the fruits of our labour right away. The one difference is we never doubt what we do but sometimes it takes a sprout, or in this case an opportunity, to remind us that we are on the right track. That moment where we look at each other and say “See. All that work we did…it’s paying off.”