Renovating Yourself

Well, as you know friends we’ve been in reno mode for the better part of 2014! In opening a turn-key, production office space in downtown Sudbury, racing the original work in the space for our first clients, and then adding to it in the first five months of operating it has kept us in paint and drywall dust pretty consistently. Things happened so fast, we had to delay work on certain parts of the space, but by mid-February we should be pretty much done with only a few longer term jobs to do, which we won’t have to worry about for a while.

While all that physical change was happening, so too were changes beneath the surface. 2014 was an incredible year for us, as you’re likely aware of, AND sick of hearing us talk about! It was incredible to see how things came together, to see how old assumptions were confirmed, some thrown away and new opportunities arose. When you launch a business it’s hard to define what you are and what you do, at least it was for us. There were so many avenues open to us to explore, and we spent a fair bit of time over our first two years doing just that: exploring and figuring things out. Who and what we are in 2015 versus 2011 may not look that different to you dear reader (though I suspect many of you do see and feel it), but it’s a fair bit different to us!

Having a much better sense of who and what we are as a business means being able to better communicate that to the world around you, and for us this required a bit of a rethink. So while we’ve been renovating our physical space, our virtual space has gone through an even more significant overhaul. From top to bottom, we’ve redefined ourselves in important but subtle ways.

So with that in mind, we are very proud to finally pull the curtain off of our brand new, re-written, shiny and sparkly website. From the visuals down to the written content, it’s all new. There isn’t a single speck of our site that hasn’t been touched. We knew we wanted to make changes to our website to better reflect where we are and where we’re going, and it felt like a good opportunity to not only refresh our content by the visual elements of the site as well.

The new site is fully responsive and easily accessible from any type of device, from your computer to your tablet to your phone. It’s a cleaner, brighter more vibrant look that better matches the Copperworks of 2015! The aesthetics feel like a better fit to who and what we are, which can be distilled as fixers and problem solvers, we’re older, wiser and have the experience required to support clients with their individual needs, across different sectors and structures. The site is also fully customizable, so as our services and offerings change over time we won’t be limited in how we highlight and promote them on the site, as we were with the old page.

We very excited to be unveiling all of this today, because this renovation seems much more profound than those in our space. We feel a renewed confidence in our underlying vision, in each other and what we can achieve together, and with you, dear reader.

*It may take a few days for the switch to happen for everyone, so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the new website immediately!