It’s frustrating that locally, and across this great country of hours cities are banning Tobogganing. Everything we do in our everyday lives comes with a bit of risk. Walking comes with risk, driving, skating, heck even talking poses a risk of one swallowing their tongue but we don’t refrain from it. What will be next on the list to be banned?

It takes a certain amount of bumps and bruises to make a person. Yes some tobogganing accidents have led to disabilities and death but so has walking.

I’m trying hard not to throw in the towel on modern day society and let it get me down. I will still enjoy winter and yes I will still toboggan. Canada is a beautiful place that experiences all four seasons and that’s pretty damn amazing. Don’t let the lawmakers or the cold, force you into hibernation. Get out there with your friends, family, kids and coworkers and have fun! I would hate to see you frozen in time due to lack of life experiences.