I’m a member of an organization called Folk Music Ontario (FMO). I was on the board of directors for three years, and have been a member since 2001. When I joined the board had just launched a lifetime membership option as a fundraising initiative and I signed up for one right away.

 It’s interesting being a member of an organization, and in this case a community. I’ve been an active part of it in several different way over the years and seen the organization grow, shift, change and evolve. When we were at MFM we actively showcased northern artists at FMO for years, we developed partnerships with FMO and generally worked together trying to make things better for musicians in Ontario. I was a board member, and actively involved in several committees and also served as the treasurer for close to 2 of my three years of my term. Heck, we didn’t have an executive director for a good chunk of my term so I was pretty hands on for awhile.

Finally, since launching Copperworks, FMO has been an important client. This past October we had the great pleasure of assisting with the production, coordination and management of the 2014 FMO Conference, our third kick at the can. That has opened up a whole new perspective on the organization, it’s staff and supporters. After three conferences, it was exciting to see our team and FMO’s coalesce around the conference. Together, in my opinion, we are a pretty potent team, and it felt like we struck a really great balance of needs at this years event. Of course, I may be biased.

Seeing the growth of an organization you are, and have been, a member of on as many levels as I have been is quite the roller coaster. I feel like I have enough history with the FMO now not to get too rattled when money gets tight, or there is a change in leadership (either among the staff or members of the board), or change in direction or mandate. The organization is the sum of its parts and is greater than any one person. This is certainly truer of the FMO than many other groups or communities I’ve been a part of.

All of this to say, I’m proud to be a lifetime member of FMO, and I’m excited to see where and how it grows in the future.

What organizations are you a member of, and how do they affect you, your business or your life?