Originally Posted November 12, 2014

It may be a little early yet for any kind of “year in review” post, but things are starting to quiet down a bit and it’s hard not to reflect on 2014 and all that we achieved. The beginning of the year was pretty quiet for us. When we have downtime we make sure that we not only  recharge our batteries, but that we also recharge our business. A big part of that down time was spent lookingng at new opportunities and trying to find niches where we could thrive. Little did we know at the time that January of 2014 was NOT going to be indicative of the year to come!

What a year! Talk about pedal to the metal. From mid-February until, well, the end of November, it’s been pretty much non-stop. And we’ve loved every minute of it! We have so much to be grateful for but I think what I’m happiest about is the diversity of projects we got to work on this year.

It can be tough starting a business and trying to define what services or products you offer. And when it comes to consulting (a nebulous terms at best!) it can get even harder. We started the year looking for new opportunities, and we certainly found them, but ultimately 2014 we defined by existing services. This just happened to be the year where a lot of building and development paid off.

Fundamentally we see ourselves as fixers. Clients have a problem and we fix it with them. But how do you describe what that means? If you leave it as vague as I have above it’s hard for people to comprehend. If you detail every last possibility, you’d have a service list a mile long. All that to say, sometimes it’s hard for us to give an elevator pitch (though I’m starting to really like that “fixers” pitch!) and sum up what we do.

That’s why it’s so rewarding to look back on all the projects we were involved in this year. Because it was a little bit of everything! There were gigs in event management, project management, strategic planning, facilitation and TV production. We worked in both music and film, and we worked with clients big and small (including two municipalities). And on top of all of that we launched a pretty significant new offering with our turnkey production office space, which has been booked since we launched.

Looking into 2015 there is already quite of bit of new work lining up for us! It’s exciting to see our business grow and thrive. Most exciting of all? There is one project we’re pursuing into 2015 which has the potential define our company for the next three to five years if it succeeds. Planting seeds for the years to come. That’s what business is about.

So as we end 2014, we’ll remember that while this year was a good one, it’s because of work we started in 2011 when we launched. 2014 didn’t just happen. Times are good because of the groundwork that came before. The gains we made this year, will make next year a little bit easier. So we’re going to take this quieter time and start building for the next few years and future successes.