Originally Posted November 12, 2014

So last week I left the house without my phone.  I realized my error while still close enough to home that realistically I could have turned around and rescued it but I thought to myself “Self, be a big girl and make it through an entire Thursday without your phone.  Your life will still happen.”

So off I went to work, unarmed with my electronic appendage.

And I mean, let’s be totally upfront here – yes I still have a computer at work and yes I still checked emails and Facebook but there was no texting, no What’s App-ing, no perusing Instagram.   Basically no staples of my everyday social media life.

And it was lovely.  So lovely that that night?  I didn’t take it with me when I went out!  On purpose!  *gasp*  And then didn’t check it instantly when we finally reunited!

And THAT was lovely TOO!   There is something truly liberating about literally being completely and utterly unreachable.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure I will say that I did miss one important text from a family member that would have been nice to have in the moment but ultimately all was still well.

I’m also well aware that the act of functioning in the world without your phone is not one to be heroically praised.  It’s something we all managed to do for most of our lives in fact.  I know plenty of people who turn their phones off ON PURPOSE quite regularly and still manage to have social lives, keep up with current events, and settle arguments with clever debate rather than whipping out Google.  I love those people.

In fact, whenever I am under the weather I often intentionally initiate radio silence on most of my social media outlets.  I’m not sure why that is especially when you’d think that being laid-up with the flu is a perfect time to hide out in Facebook, stalk Instagram feeds, and basically soak up all that good social media distraction.  For me though I often feel the exact opposite – the need to know is replaced by a need to hide out from the world completely.  I instantly stop caring about what everyone else is doing, I don’t read the news, I don’t care what you had for lunch, I don’t look at cute shoes, I don’t pin recipes to my Pinterest boards – I shut out the world and it never occurs to me to check in.   Instead of holding a phone or my iPad my fingers hold the corners of a blanket.  Could it be my body’s way of saying “Hey lady, you need to check the hell out for a little while and sit on this couch and the only thing your brain will care about is getting better.  Relax, I got this.”

And as I mentioned, I’m not writing this thinking unplugging is some kind of great epiphany.  We all know we need to do it and why it’s good blah blah blah #nevergivingupmyphone.    And I still absolutely love my phone and what it allows me to do.   And I’ll still totally take my phone with me to my daughter’s ballet class on Saturday morning (don’t judge me ballet class Moms.  Cuz I see that you do).  I never have to worry about ever breaking up with my phone.  Our love is solid.

It’s just nice to be reminded sometimes that even if you didn’t Instragram it, it still happened.